How to clean car wheels using Auto Fanatic products

Any automobile lover takes great pride in keeping their favorite cars clean of any dirt. And while to an average person, it may seem that car cleaning is not a difficult task, any car expert can attest that proper cleaning requires knowledge and the most effective products available. Each part of the car has its own cleaning rules and car wheels are no different.

Auto Fanatic is a lifestyle brand that caters to car lovers all over the world. Their store offers many car care and car customization items. The wheel cleaning and maintenance products can give a new life to any wheels that have been dirtied beyond recognition. Their staple Auto Fanatic Wheel Cleaner is one of the best, if not the best, on the market.

Step-by-step cleaning process

Basic preparations

The Auto Fanatic Wheel Cleaner is meant to be distilled with water, you can use your desired ratio depending on how dirty the wheels are. For strongest washing capabilities, put around 12 oz of the Wheel Cleaner in 1 gallon of water. You will need some kind of a foam applicator to cover the wheels thoroughly. A word of caution: if you are using a foam cannon, fill about 80% of it with water and then put in around 3 oz of the Wheel Cleaner. You will also need a power washer to wash away the foam and dirt from your wheels.

First application (pre-rinse)

Using a foam applicator spray the Wheel Cleaner solution onto the wheels and let it sit for a minute or two. This is a pre-rinse and will get any loose dirt off the wheels. The actual dwell time will depend on weather conditions and the amount of dirt but just remember that the product should not get dry.

Main application

After a considerable amount of dirt has come off, spray the foam again just like the first time to get the remaining dust and grime. If there are any dirt residues that are harder to get rid of you can take a brush to them at this stage.

Power washing

After the foam from the main application has taken off a considerable amount of dirt with it (just a minute should often be enough) use a power washer nozzle to wash away all of the detergent and dust away from your car. Carefully rinse your car and driveway.

This is the basic process for wheel cleaning using the Auto Fanatic Wheel Cleaner. The Wheel Cleaner is extremely effective and efficient, it can give you the brand new car look in a matter of minutes. What is even more amazing though, is that the Auto Fanatic Wheel Cleaner doesn’t use any harsh ingredients to achieve the spectacular cleaning effects. No harmful fumes are emitted and the product is safe to use even without gloves.

The Auto Fanatic Wheel Cleaner is a versatile product that can be adjusted to suit your needs by controlling the amount of water added. If you clean your car wheels regularly then you can get away with using the smallest amounts of the detergent to make it last longer.