Top accessories to create a weatherproof wardrobe

Living in a country with four seasons can be both a blessing and a curse. A change in weather conditions can be very welcome after months of intense heat or ruthless cold temperatures. Of course, beyond making life more interesting and forcing us to think of ways to proof our infrastructures against these changing conditions, four seasons also mean that we have to adapt to them in every aspect of our lives, starting from the most basic ones like clothing. A weatherproof wardrobe is paramount to survive through the year, so you need to keep a couple of essential items in your closet to always be able to handle any situation. Below, we go over some of the accessories and pieces of clothing you absolutely need to complete your wardrobe.

Winter jacket/raincoat

A good jacket is something everyone should have, arguably even if they don’t live in a country where it gets particularly cold. Winter jackets are indispensable for people in countries where they get temperatures close or under zero degrees. Most of these modern jackets are 2 coats in 1, since their outer layer serves as a raincoat or windbreaker and the inner layer is the one that actually provides insulation against the cold. In any case, keeping one of each is usually recommended for both winter and spring time when rain is usually the problem.


In countries where the four seasons don’t exist, there are usually wet and dry seasons. As expected, it rains quite a lot during the wet season, reason for which keeping yourself dry during these months is absolutely necessary. However, a large part of these territories are tropical, meaning that a raincoat isn’t exactly a choice if you don’t want to suffocate yourself to the point of fainting just for the sake of staying dry. An umbrella is more than enough and you can just pop it out in case you need it. The best umbrella is the one you always have conveniently ready with you.


These same tropical countries with wet seasons also have some of the harshest dry seasons in the world. It rivals the hot summer days of four-seasoned countries, and in those frontiers, it is common to feel like wearing pants is way too hot for people to bear. This is why you see most people have grown accostumed to hanging out in shorts and flip flops, because they need to let their body breathe by any means possible. It is easy to get suffocated if you got out in jeans or trousers of any kind during the dry season, so shorts are a must-have for men and women.


Lastly, hats may seem like a thing for the beach, but they are tried and true lifesavers when the sun is too intense. What’s funny about this is that when you think about harmful sun rays, you instantly think of the summer and a hot day. Well, the truth is that the sun can be too much for our heads and our skin during any season, which is why wearing sunscreen and a proper hat according to the season is recommended by experts.

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